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Our histopathology services are performed by a highly trained technical team supervised by a solid team of veterinary pathologists. We are fully GLP compliant, thus ensuring the highest quality standards. Our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities allow processing and staining of practically any type of tissue and embedding media. Our image analysis technical team can develop morphometric approaches to meet any requirements.

Our facilities  

Our histopathology facilities can meet a wide scope of requirements, from standard histology to specialized techniques:

  • Small and large animal necropsy
  • Tissue sampling for histologic or pharmacokinetic studies
  • Paraffin and resin embedding
  • Tissue micro-grinding using the EXAKT system
  • Automated and manual histochemical staining techniques
  • Automated immunohistochemical stains
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses by experienced veterinary pathologists
  • Digital image capture and morphometric analysis
  • Standard toxicologic pathology studies
  • High resolution radiographic imaging (Faxitron)
  • Micro-CT imaging and analysis

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