May 2016

AccelLAB Sponsors Two International Biomaterials Meetings 

Montréal will be the host of 2 renowned international events in the field of biomaterials in May 2016. AccelLAB is a major sponsor and will actively engage in both meetings.



10th word biomat



8th Biometal

        1. Louis-Georges Guy. Biodegradable metals evaluation in animal experiments. (Keynote lecture).
        2. Benoit Schaller, Michel Assad, Stefan Beck, Thomas Imwinkelried, Tateyuki Iizuka. Performance of a magnesium plate/screws system in a miniature pig midface and mandibular fracture fixation model. (Oral presentation).
        3. Louis-Georges Guy, Fabian Soza, Capucine Lapointe-Corriveau, Guy LeClerc. Qualitative evaluation of magnesium implants integrity with micro-CT (Computed Tomography) and quantitative degradation evaluation. (Poster presentation).
        4. Mark Paquin, Louis-Georges Guy, Sandra Iacampo, Fabian Soza, Guy LeClerc & David Broecker. Uncoated Mg-Li alloy rods degradation behavior in-vitro. (Poster presentation).
      • On Tuesday, May 17: a site visit of AccelLAB will be offered.
      • AccelLAB is a Gold Sponsor of the 8th Biometal Symposium. The venue is L’Estérel Resort located North of Montréal between May 14-17.

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