February 2015

Imaging and analysis upgrades 

Siemens Artis Zee floor mounted systems

AccelLAB recently completed major upgrades in its cathlab suites with two new Siemens Artis Zee floor mounted systems. These two high-end imaging systems, equipped with 20X20cm and 30X40cm detectors will enable us to generate optimal imaging for your cardiac and peripheral work.


Medis QAngio XA

AccelLAB also upgraded its vessel analysis tools with the industry leading software for coronary (QCA) and peripheral (QVA) analysis, Medis QAngio XA, allowing us to continue to offer you the most current and best possible technology and quality available for your pre-clinical work.


Nikon XT H 225 μCT/X-Ray cabinet

AccelLAB has acquired the latest Nikon XT H 225 industrial μCT/X-Ray cabinet for implant/tissue 3D analysis. The versatile XT H 225 system offers a powerful microfocus X-ray source, large volume chamber, high image resolution and voltage available (up to 225kV), and ultrafast CT scanning/reconstruction. The system complements our SkyScan | Bruker 1172 μCT platform. The 2 imaging modalities now integrate our new Micro CT Lab dedicated to medical device evaluation including tissue integration and bone remodeling.


ORS Visual SI Pro Software

AccelLAB has also acquired the ORS Visual SI Pro Software, a state-of-the-art 3D visualization/reconstruction tool that nicely combines to our Micro CT and CT imaging modalities. Safety and efficacy preclinical studies on medical devices and biologics will very analysis software in order to quantify tissue integration and remodeling.

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