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Toxicology services  

General toxicology in all species

Special toxicology : infusion, Inhalation, Dermal, Ocular


Regenerative medicine

Reproductive toxicology including minipigs and NHPs

Carcinogenicity studies also in rasH2 and p53+/- mice

Genetic toxicology: ICH compliant package

In vitro toxicology : BCOP, h-CLAT, KeratinoSens™, DPRA, Photo 3T3-NRU,

Episkin™, chicken eye test

Agrochemical / chemical / REACH


Physico-chemical testing

Ecotoxicology: wide range of test species

Safety pharmacology  

Integrated safety pharmacology in toxicology studies

  • CV (JET), BP
  • Respiratory (JET), plethysmography
  • CNS (FOB) and JET-EEG

Safety pharmacology core battery

In vitro assays

  • GLP compliant ion channel testing panel (hERG +5)
  • CNS ex vivo models for seizure liability screening

Screening and follow-up models

  • Rodent and non-rodent LVP telemetry
  • Anesthetized models
  • Polysomnography
  • Gastrointestinal motility

DMPK, Bioanalysis, Biomarkers  

14C and 3H ADME studies in all species

In vitro metabolic clearance, metabolite ID and profiling, DDI package (metabolism and transporters)

Bioanalysis: LC -MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, LC -ICP/MS, LC -Radiodetection, ELISA, RIA

Toxicogenomics, miRNA: Affymetrix™ accredited service provider, next generation sequencing (Illumina®)

Immunology: 10-color flow cytometer, Luminex, Meso Scale

Medical Device  

Biocompatibility testing

Cardiovascular stents, electrophysiology and structural heart studies

Long-bone defects and craniomaxillofacial/dental models

Spinal fusion models

Joint and cartilage repair models

Regenerative medicine (growth factors, biomaterials, cell and gene therapy)

Specialized expertise  

Juvenile studies including minipigs

Ototoxicity in rats

Fertility studies in rodents and NHPs

Radiation safety and efficacy studies

Drug transporter studies and Drug-Drug Interactions

Tissue Cross Reactivity (TCR): human and animal tissue banks

Gene therapy vector biodistribution via qPCR

ES cell testing: devTOX™ and cardioTOX™ (with Stemina)

Lead optimization and predictive toxicology services: Leadscreen


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