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Quality Control  

At AccelLAB, quality control (QC) is a rigorous and continuous process of system, procedure, and data analysis, with the aim of ensuring continuous process improvement.

The QC team participates in preparation and execution of studies, and conducts prompt data verification to ensure adherence to current procedures and to provide feedback.

The QC team is involved in every aspect of study conduct, from conception through execution.

Quality Assurance  

Backed by many years of experience in quality assurance, AccelLAB’s QA team provides an objective overview of critical activities.

Our observations are reported directly to the highest level of management, to assure quick and decisive action when needed.

In addition to keeping vigil over studies, our QAU provides proactive support through ongoing training and regular consultation.

We keep our finger on the pulse of industry trends and communicate regulatory expectations to management and operations groups.

In this way, we actively contribute to AccelLAB’s ultimate goal of providing our customers with a rigorous, fully compliant final report.


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